Put your best ideas directly on TV!

TV should do more.

TV should do more.
And you can make it happen.

We all agree that TV today is boring. The good news is that TV is about to be turned upside-down and you can be part of this revolution. Using Web development tools you already have, a BLOBbox and the BLOBkit on this site, you can take a chance at being the next big thing... on TV!

How do I get started?

Register now to enter inside and scan the resources available. There are design tips, a Javascript Library, an explanation of the BLOBkit components, code examples, and a forum for help and feedback. You can go ahead and start creating the foundation for your TV service (website) using these tools and, after buying a BLOBbox, you'll be able to test your ideas directly on TV.

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BLOBkit is based on AJAX BLOBkit is designed to work with Aptana Studio BLOBkit supports RSS standards BLOBkit is partially based on YUI

New Forum!

Hi everybody! We have just opened our new forum, for both italian and english speaking people. Visit it now, you can use the same account you are using on BLOBforge on that forum!


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